What if Clark County had its way in the 2012 elections?

If Clark County voters had their way, the outcome of the presidential election would be too close to call.

Barack Obama has received 121 more Clark County votes than his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, according to the fifth batch of election results released by the Clark County Elections Department. Keep in mind that there are a few thousand votes still left to be tallied.

If Clark County votes were the only ones that counted, a law allowing same-sex couples to marry would be overturned, and recreational marijuana use would remain illegal. More than 52 percent of Clark County voters rejected the same-sex marriage measure, while 50.5 percent voted against the pot initiative.

If Clark County voters had their way, Republican Rob McKenna would be the next governor and Republican Reagan Dunn would replace McKenna as attorney general. McKenna and Dunn each received 53 percent of the vote in Clark County, according to preliminary election results.

Were there any instances in which Clark County voters walked in step with Washington state as a whole? Sure. Clark County and statewide voters both approved a super majority requirement in the Legislature to pass tax increases, and they both gave the green light to charter schools.

Both groups also voted to re-elect Democratic U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell.

See all of the 2012 election results here.

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