Judge Woolard has yard sign for Wulle’s opponent

Clark County Superior Court Judge Diane Woolard made sure to have her own campaign sign in her front lawn — of course.

Another candidate’s sign she has unabashedly displayed? A sign for David Gregerson, a private attorney running against another Superior Court judge, John Wulle.

Both Woolard and Wulle are running opposed in the Aug. 7 primary election.

As we’ve reported in an earlier article about local bar poll results, it’s highly unusual for local lawyers to oppose a sitting judge. But a Superior Court judge to not support a fellow member of the bench? We’d surmise it’s even more unusual.

What’s more, Wulle and Woolard have courtrooms on the same floor of the courthouse and catercorner from each other. Awkward?

To be clear, there’s nothing ethically wrong for a judge to endorse a candidate in a judicial race; judges are only prohibited from endorsing a candidate in a partisan position. Judicial races are nonpartisan.

After a Columbian reporter spotted the Gregerson campaign sign in Woolard’s yard, we contacted the judge. She confirmed she did have a political sign for Wulle’s opponent, but declined further comment.

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