Schmidt raises $2,700 so far in Senate race

Ralph Schmidt, the Democratic candidate for the state Senate seat in the 18th District, has raised $2,723 in cash and in-kind campaign contributions.

His campaign fundraising report was not available when I wrote my story about how much other candidates had raised so far in the election. Most candidates file their reports online through the state’s Public Disclosure Commission’s website, but reports take longer to receive if candidates mail them in.

According to this campaign finance summary report, Schmidt has received $500 in cash contributions and $2,223 in in-kind donations, including research and printer cartridge toner.

Schmidt’s Republican opponent, state Rep. Ann Rivers of La Center, has raised more than $22,000, but that money is carryover from her now abandoned campaign for re-election to the House.

Also missing from my story this week was how much Clark County Commissioner candidate Bob Freund had raised. Freund, who is running in District 1 and prefers no political party, said he is opposed to taking campaign contributions.

“I’m not accepting any campaign funds whatsoever,” Freund said. “I don’t believe in that.”

Freund added that politicians should run on substance.

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