Mysterious foe of judge candidate takes to Twitter

We all know social media is a growing tool for campaigning.

But what about political mudslinging?

A new account under the name “Shame on Josie” has launched on Twitter. The purpose of the account: apparently to dissuade people from voting for Josephine Townsend, a candidate for Clark County Superior Court judge.

Under a picture of Townsend, the account’s summary box reads: “Josephine Townsend is running for Superior Court Judge. A position she should Not even be considered for! Know B4 U Vote.”

“Shame on Josie” has sent 79 tweets since launching on May 22. Most tweets ask the media to look into her background and make accusations about her character.

So who started the account? We sent “Shame on Josie” a message, asking the question, and received this response: “It would not be prudent to reveal myself here.”

Oh well.

Townsend is a private practice attorney and Vancouver’s former city prosecutor who is challenging Superior Court Judge Diane Woolard. In response to the anti-Josie account, Townsend, who’s not on Twitter, said she wasn’t too worried. She issued this response:

“When you run for political office, you have to expect that there will be people who come out of the woodwork, to either support you or attack you. Some will say things about you that are not true, good or bad, and you have to develop a pretty thick skin. … Just because someone says something about you – doesn’t make it true. No matter if it is good, or bad.”

“Shame on Josie” has 10 followers, including this reporter — who needed to become a follower to receive a message from “Shame on Josie” — and two other Josephine Townsends.

–Laura McVicker

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