Gubernatorial candidates take Parade of Bands in stride, literally

As several entries of Saturday’s Parade of Bands donned wigs and colorful outfits and rode on elaborate floats, we at The Columbian were curious what the two gubernatorial candidates would do.

Rob McKenna and Jay Inslee had announced before the annual parade that they both planned to make appearances.

So would they ride in flashy red convertibles? Would they throw candy?

Both took an old-fashioned, much overlooked approach: walking.

Inslee was tied up in a meeting and was late, so he took part in the parade sans an automobile, float or even with a full campaign staff. Wearing a simple crisp white shirt and jeans, Inslee shook hands with people in the crowd and posed for pictures.

Inslee said he didn’t mind walking because it gave him a chance to get know people.

That was a popular strategy. McKenna also walked in the parade. He, however, had a red Ford F250 hauling a hay trailer trailing behind him. Wearing a campaign T-shirt, McKenna was upbeat as he walked with his campaign staffers.

Saying he loves parades, McKenna said: “They’re so America.”

Both candidates say they plan to make many more appearances in Clark County, heading into election season. We can only hope they will be just as accessible.

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