Former lawmaker endorses Pike for state Representative

Former 18th District Representative John Pennington announced last week that he’s endorsing candidate Liz Pike. Pike is running for the seat being vacated by state Rep. Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama.

Pennington, a Republican, served four two-year terms in the state House of Representatives and spent three of those terms as Speaker Pro Tempore, meaning he oversaw the floor debates in the House.

“I have personally known Liz for the past 17 years and I am certain she will continue the strong leadership and representation provided by my great friend, Representative Ed Orcutt,” Pennington said in the announcement. “She knows when and how strongly to stand up for what is in the best interest of the people she represents. That characteristic would continue what Representative Orcutt and I successfully did for the 18th district for nearly two decades.”

Redistricting changed the voter district lines around Orcutt’s home, now placing him in the 20th District rather than the 18th. Orcutt plans to run in the 20th District.

Besides working as a state representative, Pennington has served as a regional FEMA director and was an adjunct faculty member for the Department of Homeland Security’s Emergency Management Institute.

Pike has a list of endorsements from nearly 40 elected officials and officials within the Clark County Republican Party. Rep. Paul Harris, R-Vancouver, has endorsed her, as well as Ridgefeild School Board chair Julie Olson, who is running for state representative in the 17th District.

Pike’s competition, Republican Dale Smith, has received endorsements from state Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, and Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke, also a Republican.

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