Madore wants resolution of his own

The Vancouver City Council Monday evening narrowly voted to say they’re against Initiatives 1100 and 1105 to privatize liquor sales, since the city stands to lose up to $2 million a year if it happens.

But it wasn’t the only resolution put before the council. crusader David Madore used the opportunity to present a resolution himself, during citizen’s communications.

It was — no surprise here — about tolling, asking the council to pass a resolution for an advisory vote ballot measure “whether the people of this city support or oppose tolls as a means of financing the proposed Columbia River Crossing.”

The resolution slightly masked his group’s strong distaste for tolls, saying they “may” negatively impact daily lives of citizens and present a financial burden heavier than they can bear.

“At least make a motion, at least to discuss it,” Madore said to a silent council.

After Madore finished, Mayor Tim Leavitt said: “We’ll take it under consideration.”

–Andrea Damewood

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