Give Congress two doses of Heck?

Oh boy, not another case where we’ve gotta bust out the “Vancouver (Not B.C.), Washington (Not D.C.), Clark County (Not Nevada)” T-shirts.

Democratic Congressional candidate Denny Heck isn’t the only Heck in the west who’s running for a Third District seat, and asking Clark County residents for their votes.

Joe Heck, a Republican, is in a tight race for Congress in Nevada’s Third District. He’s running against incumbent Democrat Dina Titus there.

According to this article posted Tuesday to online newsmagazine Slate, the district, home to Las Vegas and 920,000 of the state’s 1.3 million voters, is just as much of a political toss-up as our own Clark County Third Congressional district.

If they both get elected, would the two Hecks find common ground, or give each other (sorry) nothing but heck?

–Andrea Damewood

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