Prosecutor plays detective, tries to find opponent

Clark County Deputy Prosecutor Tony Golik said Friday that his opponent, assistant Vancouver city attorney Brent Boger, has gone missing.

At least when it comes to making joint public appearances.

The two attorneys are seeking to become the next Clark County prosecutor, a post occupied for three decades by Art Curtis.

Golik said three candidate forums were scheduled for the final weeks of the election. One forum, which was to be sponsored by a Clark County bench-bar association, was canceled because Boger would not commit to a date, Golik said.

On Oct. 5, Golik showed up for a candidate forum set up by the Woodland Chamber of Commerce. Boger did not show up.

On Oct. 7, Golik showed up for a candidate forum set up by the YWCA. Boger did not show up.

“I believe candidates have a duty to attend candidate forums,” Golik said in a press release. “My opponent is doing a disservice to Clark County voters by intentionally avoiding me in public debate.”

Here was Boger’s response:

“Why can’t Tony Golik talk about his plans for the office rather than just attacking me? Because he wants to maintain the office status quo even though it is prosecuting nearly 30% fewer felonies than it did five years ago. I had business and personal reasons for not showing up to the YWCA and Woodland meetings. I declined the Bench and Bar meeting because we’ve had enough campaign forums with the special interests involved in the criminal justice system. I am not the special interest candidate and will take an objective look at the system as an outsider putting the public interest first. Tony will put the special interests first. If Tony would talk to the general public, he would learn that the public has grown increasingly cynical about how his office operates. Dozens of people have remarked to me that they believe Tony has prosecuted cases for political advantage. I don’t know whether that is true—I can’t read his mind. But I would be concerned if I were him that a lot of people think that.”

— Stephanie Rice

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