Svehaug grants interview to CVTV

Republican Alan Svehaug, who is running to unseat Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart, has been publicly interviewed.

A Sept. 14 story in The Columbian, “Clark County commissioner candidate Svehaug largely a no-show so far,” mentioned that Svehaug did not appear for his scheduled Sept. 9 interview at CVTV, the local government and public affairs cable television station.

Employees had made several attempts to contact Svehaug, and he was told about the interview when he stopped by the station to pick up a copy of a hearing that he had ordered.

A few days after The Columbian’s story was published, Svehaug agreed to be interviewed at CVTV.

Stuart, who had already taped his interview, went to the station again so both candidates could be interviewed by Marvin Case, former publisher of the Battle Ground Reflector.
The interview can be watched at

The Columbian, meanwhile, continues to strike out with Svehaug.

Svehaug’s statement in the voter’s guide focused on his anti-toll stance. His $972 filing fee was paid for by businessman David Madore, who operates

Svehaug, when approached by a reporter at a commissioners’ meeting Sept. 21, called the Sept. 14 article “outrageous.”

Asked to point out anything in the article that was inaccurate, he said there was never a press release issued about his candidacy. The article had referred to a June press release that described him as a contractor when he didn’t have a valid contractor’s license.

The Columbian subsequently sent Svehaug a copy of the press release.

Svehaug has yet to return phone calls or e-mails.

Not only has Svehaug ignored a reporter’s requests for an interview, he also ignored requests to meet with the newspaper’s editorial board.

Editorial assistant Fay Blackburn sent Svehaug four e-mails and called him twice in an effort to schedule an interview. One time the person who answered Svehaug’s cell phone hung up after Blackburn identified herself. Blackburn also spoke with Svehaug’s campaign manager, who said he told Svehaug about the editorial board’s desire to meet with him. Editorial page Editor John Laird also left two messages for Svehaug.

During this campaign season, only one other candidate ignored requests to meet with the editorial board: Anthony Bittner, who was eliminated in the August primary in the 18th Legislative District.

Republican Mike Appel, who is running for Clark County treasurer, also did not meet with the editorial board, but he politely declined the invitation.
— Stephanie Rice

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