Fake news makes Heck campaign release

Think of The Daily ‘Couve as Clark County’s own version of parody publication The Onion.

Since February, the site, written by anonymous author(s?), has written daily send ups of local news.

“The Daily ‘Couve is a satire, parody, and big box of fakey fakeness, and is not intended maliciously,” says a description of the site on the main page. Special targets include the Tea Party and other conservative movements, however, both parties have been put in the ‘Couve’s cross hairs.

But a recent fakey fake story mocking Republican Congressional candidate Jamie Herrera has wound up as part of a press release sent out by the Denny Heck campaign.

Under a subject line: “Jaime Herrera constantly criticizes the GOP establishment in public, but takes their money in private,” the release has a long list of news stories that it claims backs up its argument. It quotes from a Sept. 2 Daily ‘Couve entry: “Herrera Purchased Wholesale By Republican Party.”

It quotes this line from the post: “Turning over her “Independent” badge and tag line on her campaign logo, Jaime Herrera today announced that she had been purchased by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) for an undisclosed sum.”

When contacted about winding up in campaign news, The Daily ‘Couve issued this formal statement:

“We laughed so hard we peed a little. And then we cried. And then we started a write-in campaign for Snoopy.”

–Andrea Damewood

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