Jack Burkman named Olberman’s “worst person in world”

Vancouver City Councilor Jack Burkman has been battling a little bad PR of his own this week, when MSNBC Countdown host Keith Olberman named him “the worst person in the world.”

Well — not him exactly. It’s really a Republican political strategist who shares the same name.

Olberman gave him the honor of his top nasty person, and described the situation that led to Burkman’s crowning as another case where a hard line GOP stalwart got fed up with “nonsensical, virulent, uneducated hatred pushed by these flip tea party types.”

Olberman showed a Fox News clip where the D.C. Burkman says that postal workers should be knocked back to driving cabs because of their Nigerian ethnicity.

Former Republican New York Sen. Al D’Amato called him a “nasty racist.”

Since the Olberman show, Vancouver’s Burkman said he’s gotten his share of scathing e-mails and contacts. He takes the time to let those people know they’ve got the wrong Jack Burkman.

“It’s funny and sad,” the local Burkman said with a laugh.

The YouTube clip can be seen HERE

— Andrea Damewood

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