Harris gets TV money; Stonier clears record with notolls.com

Republican 17th Legislative District candidate Paul Harris announced today that the House Republican Organizing Committee donated $33,900 dollars to his campaign for TV ads to start running in October.

The press release said with six weeks until the general election “all local races should be picking up steam.”

In the meantime, his Democratic opponent Monica Stonier gave a call last week to anti-light rail and tolls site Notolls.com, which has a candidate position page. She said the information under her name was incorrect on a number of matters.

Stonier said she never returned a questionnaire the site sent her, and she had no idea where they got that information.

“They said I was not for a vote (on light rail), when I’ve been saying from the beginning that this is something the community should be able to weigh in on,” she said Wednesday.

Harris said that he’s heard Stonier “flip flop” on the issues since the start of the campaign.

Since Tuesday, the Notolls.com information has been fixed to read “no response.”

–Andrea Damewood

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