Friends of Fire Station 6 friends with Bart Hansen

Friends of Fire Station 6, a non-profit political action committee hoping to save the Burton Fire Station, announced Thursday they’ve endorsed Bart Hansen in the Vancouver City Council Race.

Fire Station 6, on NE 112th Ave., is scheduled to close in January as part of the city’s $10 million in budget cuts. Hansen has said he will vote against the budget if it includes these cuts.

“Mr. Hansen’s record of supporting public safety issues in the City of Vancouver is flawless,” the group said in a release.

Hansen, 35, was appointed to the council in January. He’s running against John Jenkins, 56.

Hansen’s already got the endorsement of the Vancouver Firefighters Union, Mayor Tim Leavitt and former Mayor Royce Pollard.

Jenkins has gathered official support from the Building Industry Association of Clark County and former primary opponent, Jack King O’Neal III.

Hansen’s campaign website is here. Jenkins’ is here.

–Andrea Damewood

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