Probst one-ups Herrera in frugality rankings

State Rep. Jaime Herrera, Republican candidate for the open 3rd Congressional District seat, has been touting her ranking from the Evergreen Freedom Foundation as a fiscal miser on the campaign trail.

Turns out state Rep. Tim Probst, a Democrat representing the 17th District, is ranked as the most fiscally responsible legislator in the state by the conservative think tank.

Probst, who opposed the Democratic majority’s tax hikes in the 2010 Legislature, has received perfect scores on the EFF “Big Spenders List” two years in a row. In 2009, his first year in the Legislature, he was the only Clark County lawmaker from either party to receive a perfect score.

Prost, who faces a strong reelection challenge from Republican Brian Peck, put out a press release last week noting that he has repeatedly “sounded the alarm that debt and spending were threatening our economy.”

“Nobody has a stronger record fighting government spending,” he said. “And nobody is better positioned to help design a sustained and permanent economic recovery.”

Sound likes he’s reading from Herrera’s talking points.

Kathie Durbin

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