Boldt and Stuart to council: Hug it out

After Monday night’s Vancouver City Council meeting made for must-see TV, Tuesday’s meeting of the Clark County commissioners felt duller than usual.

Sure, there was meeting regular Jack Davis, who opposes plans for baseball fields in Hazel Dell that will be next to his home.

Jack, who was one of the inspirations for the commissioners to set time limits on public speakers, gave his usual speech during the public comment period.

Unlike City Councilwoman Jeanne Harris, Commissioners Marc Boldt and Tom Mielke didn’t call on Chairman Steve Stuart to “gavel him down!” Boldt and Mielke also didn’t start arguing with other, as was the case with Harris and Councilwoman Jeanne Stewart, who finally told Harris she needed to go somewhere and “get sane.”

On Wednesday, Boldt and Stuart acknowledged their meetings don’t typically set the blogosphere on fire, but they also felt for their fellow elected officials. They know how it feels to get berated time and time again.

Boldt, showing his compassionate conservative side, even said that the county commissioners could help the city council begin its healing by facilitating a big group hug.

“Hug it out,” agreed Stuart.

— Stephanie Rice

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