Leavitt gets advice from Boger, backs Golik

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt may get his legal advice from assistant city attorney Brent Boger, but it’s Boger’s opponent who has earned the mayor’s endorsement for the job of Clark County prosecuting attorney.

In a statement released this week, Leavitt said he decided candidate Tony Golik has the necessary experience to lead the county’s deputy prosecutors. Golik is a 15-year veteran deputy prosecutor assigned to major crimes.

“Tony’s depth of experience for the position of county prosecutor is unparalleled,” Leavitt said in a statement. “He has been successful at putting criminals behind bars for over a decade, and our community is a safer place because of his work.”

Boger, a senior assistant city attorney, advises city officials, including Leavitt, on land use and financial matters.

Leavitt was diplomatic in his endorsement.

“Brent and I are acquainted and have worked together on city of Vancouver legal matters,” Leavitt said. “I have the utmost respect for him.”

Golik and Boger advanced to the Nov. 2 general election, finishing one-two in the August primary. A third candidate, George Kolin, was eliminated.

–Laura McVicker

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