Who will 5,845 Kolin supporters vote for Nov. 2?

In the race to replace retiring Clark County Prosecutor Art Curtis, updated results posted Friday showed that Democrat Tony Golik earned 38,370 votes while Republican Brent Boger earned 34,158 votes.

George Kolin, who raised no money, posted no signs, received no endorsements and was once reprimanded by the Washington State Bar Association for overcharging a client and not providing competent representation, received 5,845 votes.

Kolin ran as an independent.

So who will those 5,845 Kolin supporters in November?

Boger, an assistant Vancouver city attorney, posted on Facebook that he has the edge: “Since the Independent was far more critical of the Democrat candidate than I was (and that’s an understatement), I expect the Independent votes will mostly end up in my column. I’ve also heard Independents hugely broke for Republicans this year which means he attracted votes that likely would have gone my way,” Boger wrote.

On his Facebook page, Golik, a Clark County deputy prosecuting attorney, didn’t take Kolin supporters for granted. He suggested that, with only 38 percent of registered voters participating in the primary, there may be Golik supporters who will show up in November.
“Thanks again everyone! Winning the Primary Election by a nice margin helps us move into the General with some real momentum! We need to get the word out to voters that simply don’t vote in Primary Elections. We’ll let them know why Law Enforcement Supports Tony Golik and let them know that “The Proven Crime Fighter” is way more than a slogan!!” Golik wrote.

— Stephanie Rice

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