Russell concedes in 18th, urges prayers for winner

Republican Jon Russell, who made a strong showing in the competitive 18th District primary race, kept his fingers crossed until Friday, thinking he still had a chance to edge top fund-raiser Ann Rivers for the second spot. But on Friday, trailing by 1,400 votes, he conceded.

Russell, a Washougal city councilman, did not endorse either Rivers or Democrat Dennis Kampe, who took the top spot. Instead, he congratulated them both and issued this statement:

“I encourage my supporters to lift them up in prayer, to be equipped to meet the extreme pressure they will face, if elected in November. I also ask you to hold the winning candidate accountable to abide by the Founding Fathers’ view of the Constitution on every vote.”

Russell noted that he spent just $16,000 and managed to win 7,293 votes, while Rivers,a Republican political consultant, raised more than $60,000 and received just 8,729 votes.

Kathie Durbin

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