Oregon victim rights group endorses Golik

An Oregon-based victim rights group has endorsed Tony Golik for Clark County prosecuting attorney.

Crime Victims United president Steve Doell called Golik, a deputy prosecutor assigned to major crimes, the obvious choice.

“Tony Golik has prosecuted some of the most difficult and violent cases in Clark County,” Doell said in a statement. “Crime Victims United knows Tony Golik’s history of successfully fighting for and protecting the rights of crime victims.”

While Crime Victims United focuses on Oregon legislation and victim advocacy, it has stepped in on several Clark County cases, including the 2009 fatal beating of a Battle Ground man.

Golik is running on the platform that he’s the “proven crime fighter,” and criticizes his opponent Brent Boger, a Vancouver senior assistant city attorney, for having no felony criminal law experience. Boger handles land-use cases for the city.

Boger has responded that he’s the only candidate with diverse legal background.

–Laura McVicker

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