Golik resolves campaign sign fuss

Was it the power of the press? Or a primer on campaign-sign etiquette?

The residents on Petticoat Lane were raising a stink about political signs causing a traffic hazard in their neighborhood. The signs were clustered in a grassy swath where St. James and St. Johns roads meet. They blocked the view of motorists turning from Petticoat onto St. James.

After much ado, Vancouver’s code enforcers took down some 40 signs. There were too many signs to contact every candidate about the obstruction, officials say.

One candidate who didn’t get the memo was Tony Golik, running for Clark County prosecuting attorney. More of his campaign signs emerged there this week.

The rules had apparently caused confusion. Golik believed he could still mount smaller yard signs, and was surprised to hear from a reporter that code enforcement wanted all signs removed.

“I’m assuming mine weren’t blocking,” Golik said Tuesday. “If mine are blocking, I will have them down within the hour.”

Less than 20 minutes later, Golik sent a text message to the reporter: “The Golik signs are now out of that location.”

–Laura McVicker

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