Kelly Hinton, who writes the acerbic Clark County Politics blog, has a foe in the blogosphere.

An unnamed blogger has launched kellyhintonwatch, riffing on Hinton’s own Jon Russell Watch and Jaime Herrera Watch features, in which Hinton regularly blasts both candidates. Russell is running for the Legislature; Herrera is running for Congress.

In the blog’s first post on June 20, the author chronicles Hinton’s history as a legislative staffer to former state Rep. Marc Boldt, including his use of a false identity to disparage former state Rep. John Pennington and other lawmakers, and the day in 2005 Hinton lost his job and was escorted off the Capitol grounds by Senate security guards for hacking into personal e-mails of other legislative aides and disseminating the contents
Kellyhintonwatch promises followups on the relationship between Hinton and Ann Rivers, a Republican candidate for the 18th District seat. The two are business associates, and Hinton supports Rivers’ candidacy.

Kathie Durbin

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