Do I endorse him? Yes. Will I vote for him? Maybe.

Appraiser Peter Van Nortwick, one of four candidates for Clark County Assessor, announced on Wednesday that he has been endorsed by Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt.

While Van Nortwick got Leavitt’s endorsement, it doesn’t mean Leavitt will actually vote for him in the August 17 primary.

Leavitt has also endorsed David Horowitz, a real estate consultant and former CPA.

Leavitt confirmed that he offered the dual endorsement and said he hasn’t decided who will get his vote.

Van Nortwick has been endorsed by Clark County Commissioners Marc Boldt and Tom Mielke, while Horowitz counts Vancouver City Councilman Larry Smith in his camp.

The current assessor, Linda Franklin, former Assessor Ben Gassaway and Commissioner Steve Stuart endorse Janet Seekins, who currently works in the assessor’s office. On Friday, the Clark County Democratic Central Committee announced its support for Seekins.

Former CPA Daniel Weaver, who currently sits on the county’s Board of Equalization (where people appeal their property assessments), is the fourth candidate.

— Stephanie Rice

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