All politics is local, and, according to blogger, subject to ridicule

If real news stories about local politics have you shaking your head, you might get a laugh out of

Relax, everyone. It’s called satire, and, judging from the The Daily ‘Couve’s Facebook page, a growing number of people are amused.

They include people who might not otherwise agree on much, such as former Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard and Temple Lentz, who ran the campaign that ousted him.

The blogger behind The Daily ‘Couve declined to be identified or interviewed, saying it’s best to remain a “dark and shadowy enigma.”

A few headlines: “Identity Clark County Throws In the Towel, Decides SW Washington Should Just Be Called ‘North Portland’” and “April Job Numbers Are In: Things Still Suck.”

After Commissioner Tom Mielke said he supports increasing vehicle licensing fees to pay for roads, The Daily ‘Couve’s story was, “Tom Mielke Goes Green, Advocates for Bike-only Pathways Throughout County,” and went on to say that, “Mielke, a Republican known for following bike riders in his Cadillac and laying on the horn until they pull over to watch him pass, said he’s turned over a new leaf.”

— Stephanie Rice

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