Will he? Won’t he?

As the clock ticks toward the June 11 state primary filing deadline, speculation about whether Republican Dino Rossi will leap into the U.S. Senate race is reaching fever pitch. And no one is more disgruntled about the effect of Rossi’s indecision than the party’s right wing.

Blogger Doug Parris, writing for a blog that calls itself “The Reagan Wing: the conservative conscience of the Republican Party,” has concocted a fable of sorts entitled “Secret Word from the Top on Rossi,” wherein GOP Chairman Luke Esser and a handful of party leaders guard the power to determine who will be the party’s nominee for the U.S. Senate behind closed doors. In this fable, Rossi is “the Anointed One.”

“The Secret Knowledge of the Hidden things is not for the common, grassroots folks,” Parris writes. “They can never understand why it is we must always move forward and further to the left to accomplish our goals.”

In a separate post, Parris writes, “Perhaps the most important Washington State race for the U.S. Senate in decades is unfolding right now. Simultaneous with the national grassroots Tea Party uprising and reminiscent of the revolution surrounding 1994′s “Contract with America,” the race features the best field of candidates in known history.”

“The Reagan Wing has warned of the emergence of an establishment “Anointed One,” a candidate chosen by the GOP/Left pragmatists and shoved down the throats of the base as were Dan Evans, Slade Gorton, George Nethercutt, and Mike McGavick,” Parris writes. “That elite approach of the Party Bosses has not resulted in a Senate victory, now, for SIXTEEN YEARS.”

Meanwhile, political pundits in D.C. have been quick to spin Sarah Palin‘s endorsement of Republican Clint Didier in the U.S. Senate race as the prelude to a showdown between the Tea Party (Didier) and the Republican establishment (Rossi). Only problem is, Rossi still hasn’t declared.

Kathie Durbin

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