Hyperbole time

Republican legislators (and their flacks) outdid themselves in describing what they thought of the $750 million tax package the Democrats passed in the final hours of the Legislature’s special session late Monday night.

Our favorite, from Sen. Cheryl Pflug, R-Maple Grove:

“This bill allows state government to feed on the work product of hundreds of thousands of Washington citizens. Metaphorically, it will do to the state’s economy what a predatory reptile does to eggs when it enters another animal’s nest — it sucks the life out of them.”

A close runner-up, from our own Sen. Joe Zarelli, R-Ridgefield:

“At the beginning of the session I made a reference to the Titanic in explaining how the majority’s spending decisions had put us on a collision course. Apparently the crew hasn’t learned its lesson, because this combination of taxes and spending is like backing the Titanic up and taking a second run at the iceberg.”

Curiously, no vivid metaphors were forthcoming from weary Democrats, who must now go home, face the voters and defend their decision to tax beer, candy and soda pop.

Kathie Durbin

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