Benton takes swipe at Herrera

All is not harmonious in the ranks of the local GOP. Last Wednesday, during an interview on the Victoria Taft Show on KPAM radio, Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, slammed Rep. Jaime Herrera for her vote to “raid” the state rainy day fund.

Herrera, R-Camas, made no apology for her Monday vote to tap the fund for $229 million to help balance the state budget.

“The question wasn’t about enabling new spending,” she said Friday. “The money is going to be spent. The Democrats did create the mess, but I’d spend the rainy day fund long before I’d raise taxes. The question is, Are they going to take more money from the back pockets of businessmen?”

Herrera noted that she was one of four House Republican leaders to cast a vote for tapping the fund.

No coincidence, perhaps. that Benton, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, has endorsed Herrera’s GOP opponent, David Castillo, in the 3rd Congressional District race.

Kathie Durbin

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