Ron Paul & friends, back for the attack?

Local politico (and regular Political Beat commenter) Lew Waters has an especially interesting post this morning about rumors of a Paulista “takeover” of the local GOP:

“As scuttlebutt has it, a challenge is to be made to vote [Clark County Republican Party Chair] Ryan Hart out and in his place elect a Ron Paul supporter who intends to remake the Clark County GOP into a Ron Paul compatible party during a Central Committee/Reorganizational Meeting this winter, with the possibility of some sort of challenge or disruption staged during the upcoming County Convention, March 20.

“Rumors of this intent have been floating around for many months.”

Waters adds he’s loyal to Hart and the current GOP leadership.

In 2008, Waters recalls, Paul followers mounted an impressive, organized effort to get a majority on the local Republican committee. It didn’t succeed, but the party regulars got a scare — and Paul fan Michael Delavar upset Christine Webb in the primary and ran against U.S. Rep. Brian Baird.

Delavar’s now on Washougal’s city council, but the local “Campaign for Liberty” folks — basically, the network built by the Ron Paul campaign — have stayed active. Are things about to get interesting?

One thing I’ve never worked out is exactly where the divides and friendships are among the local Campaign for Liberty folks, the local 9/12 types, the county charter supporters and the anti-illegal-immigration efforts. Maybe a reader could offer a primer on Clark County conservative activism?

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