Castillo takes swipe at Herrera for D.C. trip

Politico blogger Liz Mair reports, and a spokesman for 3rd District congressional candidate David Castillo confirms, that Castillo launched a robocall campaign against a fellow Republican, state Rep. Jaime Herrera, last week after Herrera traveled to Washington, D.C., to raise funds for her own congressional campaign.

The female voice attacks Herrera for the out-of-town trip and also for accepting $500 from SEIU, a labor union closely identified with the Democratic Party, back in August 2008. Mair says the strategy may have backfired, costing Castillo support among some prominent Republicans and even a self-described Tea Party organizer.

Herrera assured The Columbian last week that she would miss no committee or House floor votes during her 24-hour absence.

Kathie Durbin

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