Deb Wallace explains her vote

Rep. Deb Wallace called Thursday afternoon to explain her vote on the House floor Wednesday against lowering the bar for approving new taxes. She said it has nothing to do with her run for Congress.

“I’m not supportive of the strategy,” the Vancouver Democrat said. “In fact, I’m really upset. I voted no because the type of revenue that this caucus is coming up with will completely hurt this state.”

Wallace said there are “a host of things” in House Democrats’ tax bill that she opposes. Among them: Taxing fruits and vegetables produced in Washington and sold for export, and reviving a proposal she herself first floated, then withdrew, early in the session, to close the exemption that lets Oregon residents escape paying the state sales tax in Clark County.

Wallace bowed to objections from local business owners who warned that doing away with the exemption would keep shoppers from crossing the river to buy in Clark County.

Kathie Durbin

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