What a Difference a Year Can Make

It’s been a solid year since I joined Industrial CrossFit, claiming my fitness and adopting a Paleo palate. I remember walking into the gym the first day – so bloated and uncomfortable in my own skin. My pants were too tight, my shirt too small. Ugh. What happened to me? Just weeks before this, I completed my second marathon. After putting in 40+ miles a week I thought I’d be crushing in the 6-pack department. Needless to say, my nutrition was out of whack and I’d neglected my muscles, leaving me soft and saggy. This had to change.


Motivated to try something –anything—new, I opened the door to the gym and was greeted by Coach Madison and a family of Industrial CrossFit members. To my relief, they were totally normal looking AND friendly! Not quite the muscle-headed people I was envisioning. “O.K.” I thought. “This isn’t so intimidating.” Inspiring music started to play—think Rocky Balboa training montage. Everyone migrated to the front of the gym, I followed. We began with basic warm-ups and stretches. I was already giggling. We moved on to the WOD (workout of the day), Coach Madison explained what we were about to do. Awestruck and baffled, I wasn’t giggling anymore.

This WOD was uniquely challenging, intense and the most fun I’d had in a long time. A 20minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). I was jumping rope and throwing a 10# ball overhead while squatting. I used bands that assisted me with pull-ups and attempted handstand pushups –actual HANDSTAND PUSH UPS!!— with mats under my head. There were people clapping and cheering me on. My body wanted to stop but my mind was being fed amazingly positive thoughts — from people I didn’t even know yet. Just like that, it was over — I successfully finished. I found myself lying flat on the floor, drenched in sweat and grinning from ear to ear. I. Was. Hooked.

A few weeks into CrossFit, Coach Madison offered a Paleo challenge. She challenged anyone in the gym to go without dairy and grains, living a Paleo lifestyle for 30 days, eating only vegetables, meats, fruits and healthy fats like avocado, nuts and seeds. I signed on the dotted line, took before pictures and measurements. Away we went, Paleo style.


My father-in-law always says, “You can’t argue with results!” Wise words. Take a look at my before and after measurements and photos.

     Before               After                Total loss

Neck 14 inches 12.5 inches 1.5 inches

Waist 33.5 inches 29.75 inches 3.75 inches

Hips 40.5 inches 36.25 inches 4.25 inches

Weight 151.2 lbs. 149 lbs. 2.2 lbs.

That’s 9 and a half inches LOST!! With my paleo antics and help from Industrial CrossFit, this melted off in the course of a year. I encourage you to come on in to Industrial CrossFit – tell them I sent you and you’ll get a week for FREE!! Not in the Vancouver, WA area? Find a CrossFit gym near you and check it out – it is the most fun and encouraging place to claim your fitness and find a likeminded encouraging community in the process.

As for Paleo — food is fuel for your body. You can choose to fuel on crap or you can choose to fuel on crops. I’d choose crops over crap any day! Follow my blog and let me show you the way – you can find me on The Columbian (http://www.columbian.com/weblogs/paleo-in-a-pinch/), my Paleo in a Pinch blog (www.paleoinapinch.com) and on FaceBook (http://www.facebook.com/PaleoInAPinch?ref=hl). See how our family of five, survives and thrives the ins ‘n outs of everyday life – Paleo Style!!

Jump on board with me. What do YOU have to lose?

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