I love that having your own chicken coop has become so mainstream. Everyone has chickens these days. Portland hipsters have chickens. Your average family from The ‘Couve has chickens. Not me. I don’t have chickens. BUT…I have friends that do!

Last week, I went to Madison’s house for breakfast – she’s my paleo lovin’ crossfit coach. She and her fiancé Jake are proud parents to their plump chickens named Salt and Francis. Every so often, on a very lucky day, farm fresh eggs appear in their coop.

I guess it was my lucky day. I was served a delicious farm to fork meal, thanks to Salt and Francis. PLUS!! Madison showed me a new technique for frying eggs.

Follow along and ‘wake up on the sunny side’.


Eggs, 1-3 per person

Zucchini, chopped. ¼ Cup per person

Red Pepper, chopped. ¼ Cup per person

Green Pepper, chopped. ¼ Cup per person

Onion, ¼ Cup, chopped. ¼ Cup per person

Avocado, sliced

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

Sauté chopped veggies in olive oil over medium heat 5-10 minutes, until soft. Toss frequently to brown on all sides.


Remove veggies from frying pan and set aside. Crack eggs into frying pan. Gently sprinkle veggies on top of eggs, season with salt and pepper.


Place lid on frying pan, leave slightly open. Cook on medium heat for 3 minutes.


Slide eggs and veggies onto a plate and top with sliced avocado.


Yummm. Such a simple and delicate way to prepare eggs. The yolk is perfect in texture and the egg white is light and crisp. Paired with warm sautéed veggies and cool avocado you can’t help but ‘wake up on the sunny side’.

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From my kitchen, to yours ….Enjoy!

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