Month: August 2011

Buoy 10 update 8/26

Thursday's sampling from the Washington ports: 126 private boaters with 33 chinook and 15 coho; 13 charters boaters with five chinook and one coho. Monday is the final day of chinook […]

Buoy 10 update 8/25

Washington creel sampling for WEdnesday: 85 rods with 35 chinook and 11 coho. Note: Chinook catches were excellent on Wednesday and Thursday just upstream of the Astoria Bridge on the Washington […]

Buoy 10 update 8/20

Thursday's creel check from the Washington side was 42 boaters with 16 chinook and two coho. There are no numbers yet from Friday, but the fleet of boats in Blind Channel […]

Buoy 10 update 8/18

Here are the creel sampling results from Wednesday: Oregon, 291 anglers with 70 chinook, 15 coho. Washington 146 anglers with 27 chinook, 6 coho. I'll be fishing at Buoy 10 on Friday, Sunday […]

Buoy 10 update 8/17

Tuesday sampling from the Washington ports at Buoy 10: 115 anglers with 28 chinook and 6 coho. Buoy 10 numbers for Aug. 1-14: 4,711 trips with 662 chinook kept, 22 chinook […]

Columbia steelhead catch sets record 8/16

Anglers have caught a record number of summer steelhead this month in lower Columbia River with two weeks still remaining. Through Sunday, 11,639 steelhead had been handled (kept or released) between […]

Buoy 10 8/16 update

Here are Monday's Washington and Oregon creel summaries from Buoy 10: Oregon: 132 anglers with 40 chinook and two coho; Washington 36 boaters with one coho. Oregon biologists report the catch […]

Buoy 10 update 8/15

Chinook catches are improving slowly with almost a fish per every other boat on Sunday. A few more coho also are showing. Oregon's creel estimate for Sunday was 456 boaters […]

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