An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

The Pacific Northwest provides some of the best nutrition the world can offer. If you’ve been here more than ten minutes, you’ve seen that first hand; and no, an airport layover doesn’t count!


Everybody likes apples. Heck even the wicked witch of the west likes em’! So we all eat them daily too, right? Wait, here’s the catch… most people don’t, believe it or not!

The beautiful state of Washington is known for their apples. I mean… we even have our own state apple commission… this clearly calls for bragging rights… People are paid to get together and discuss this stuff every day! More than half of the U.S. consumption of apples comes from our very own Washington state. To your average Joe it may not be a big deal that our lovely state has a claim to fame for something as simple and nutritious as an apple, but we think it’s a huge deal!

Maybe you do eat them daily, and maybe you don’t. Substituting an apple in the morning or afternoon will do wonders on your gut, and we think that’s good stuff and so should you. Why are apples such bliss for your bod? Well here’s a snapshot from a laundry list exhaustive enough to make even a Gala blush:

– Low in calories (slimmer waistline, beach bod anyone?)
– Rich in anti-oxidants and phytonutrients (those are good things)
– They reduce systematic inflammation (also good)
– Curb all sorts of cancers
– Whiten your chompers
-Provide healthy fiber
-Natural sugar, not processed

Talk about a bushel of benefits?!

The best time to find your Washington apple?
Anywhere between the beginning of August through till November.

Plus, who really likes going to the doctor? Eat your Washington apples people… Please and thank you.

Be healthy, eat food, smile often

Your healthy friends,
Courtney &Ryan

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