Citrus Vinegar Cleaner

I’ve used diluted white vinegar as an all natural cleaner for a long time now; I use it on windows, floors, mirrors, countertops, even on carpet to remove smelly stains. When the vinegar dries it doesn’t leave a vinegary smell, and it’s safe to use around kids and pets. To make my homemade cleaner even more powerful (and to keep it safe) I began making citrus vinegar. The oils in citrus fruit peels act as a degreaser, making cleaning easier AND they smell great!

lemon rosemary vinegar

Option: Add a sprig of rosemary in with lemon and lime peels!


All you need to do is stick some citrus peels (lemon, lime, orange) in a mason jar and cover them in white vinegar. Cover with a lid, and let it sit for 2-4 weeks. When it’s time, remove the peels from the vinegar and discard. Pour your citrus vinegar into a spray bottle and dilute with water; I usually do one part vinegar to one part water.

And there you have it. A fresh smelling, strong cleaner that you can safely use in your home.


Kim Smith

Hello and welcome! Once upon a time I was a licensed animal nurse. When I had my first child I decided to leave my career and stay at home with baby. Having a child changed my perception of, products, environment, education, work, life. Everything. Since then I've been on a journey to create a more simple, holistic way of life for my family, to include the cats, dogs and chickens (and any other feathered or furry creature we have). I believe that every choice we make can bring us closer to, or take us farther away from, a harmonious existence. And our wellbeing is multi-faceted, if one area of our life is out of whack it effects everything else about us. What we eat, what we put on and in our bodies, how we integrate with our environment, how we spend our time with loved-ones, how we nourish our brains and ALL matters. I want to share information with you that I find truly valuable in living holistically; taking care of our whole selves. Thank-you for visiting! Kim Smith All photos used are my own, unless otherwise noted.

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