Roundball Shootout rosters for 2019

The 24th annual Les Schwab Roundball Shootout all-star basketball games will take place on March 24 at King’s Way Christian High School in Vancouver.

Here are the players who have been selected to participate in the games:

Carter Murray – Washougal
Isaiah Sampson – Camas
Carson Bonine – Camas
Ethan Smith – Union
Houston Combs – Union
Dwight Jones – Evergreen
Travis Huffman Jr – Evergreen
Carter Morse – Hudson’s Bay
Evan Dirksen – Columbia River
Alex Schumacher – Skyview
Keyler Struthers – Heritage
KeAndre Hunter-Holliday – Battle Ground
Vincent McCormic – Battle Ground
Khalfani Cason – King’s Way Christian
Isaiah Parker – Seton Catholic
Delano Morgan – Seton Catholic
Rarey Sommer – Mark Morris
Tyler Flanagan – Woodland
Shaw Anderson – Kelso
Avery Seter – La Center
Matt Bryant – La Center
Coaches: Willie Bratcher vs. Mike Arnold

Beyonce Bea – Washougal
Haley Hanson – Camas
Hannah Booth – Camas
Toryi Midland – Union
Marina Morningstar – Union
Brianna Gould – Heritage
Erin Baker – Columbia River
Remingtin Riley – Skyeview
Karli Oliver – Ridgefield
Devin Dugan – Ridgefield
Brianna Adams – Battle Ground 
Mallory Williams – Prairie 
Brooke Walling – Prairie
Cassidey Gardner – Prairie
Tyra Schroeder – King’s Way Christian
Aubrey Adams – Woodland 
Taylor Stephens – La Center
Coaches: Hala Corral vs Scott Thompson
The Senior Women’s game will be at 5 p.m. and the Senior Men’s game will be at 7:30 p.m. At halftime of each game will be 3-point shooting contests. A dunk contest will be held prior to the Senior Men’s game.
There will also be an eighth-grade girls game at 1 p.m. and eighth-grad boys game at 3 p.m.
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