WATCH: Union’s Lincoln Victor signs with Hawaii

Union quarterback Lincoln Victor signed with University of Hawaii on Wednesday, which he revealed as a part of a National Signing Day ceremony at Union High School.

The Titan senior led Union to its first 4A state championship in school history and was a unanimous 4A state player of the year selection by The Associated Press and The Tacoma News Tribune.

His commitment to Hawaii, where he was born and much of his family resides, came after a busy two weeks on the recruiting trail, during which he participated in the Polynesian Bowl in Hawaii on Jan. 19. The Rainbow Warriors recruited Victor as a slot receiver.

The Columbian caught up with Victor after he signed his letter of intent. Here is a transcript of that interview.

The Columbian: You went to Hawaii for the Polynesian Bowl, then you actually took a separate trip back for your official.

Lincoln Victor: Yeah, so I went there for a week for the Poly Bowl, I had to come back for a day for NCAA rules, gotta leave the origin of your state where your high school is, so didn’t want to get any conflict with that. There was a day in between, came to school, took all my finals, went back the next day to spend the weekend there. Was super jet-lagged, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The Columbian: You were only back (in Vancouver) one day?

LV: Yeah I came back on Jan. 22, went to school on Jan. 23 and went back on the 24th and came back on the 26th.

The Columbian: That stretch of days must have been pretty wild.

LV: Yeah, I was definitely jet-lagged like crazy. But the course of just doing activities throughout the whole day for pretty much two weeks, but then came back, refocused for a day, took all my finals, four finals, in one day. Did pretty well with them, then just kind of regrouped and took off the next day …

The Columbian: When you came back, did you know you were going to commit to Hawaii?

LV: Yeah, I had all my family down there, they offered me a full-ride scholarship and everything and I was really thinking about it that it was a blessing in disguise that I didn’t grow up there but I’m from there and got the offer form there. A good coincidence, but also the staff and faculty, school program, facilities put it on top, it kind of made me open my eyes and take a step back and realize this is something special here. It’s a new culture uprising. Especially the schedule next year we play Arizona, home opener, (Oregon State) week two and UW week three at UW. The exposure, the level of competition that I was around that week at the Poly Bowl, then just realizing I could be around these guys and provide and be the best I can be just kind of opened my eyes, and that’s one of the reasons I committed to UH.

The Columbian: You’re from Hawaii. When did you move (to Vancouver)?

LV: I moved here when I was four years old. Lived here ever since. I’m from Maui, my dad’s from Oahu.

The Columbian: And you still have family out there?

LV: Oh yeah, whole bunch of family. My brother, my sister, aunties, uncles, cousins, a whole bunch.

The Columbian: That must have made these last couple weeks pretty special.

LV: Oh yeah, pretty special. My phone was blowing up this last week, my family was calling, I was like ‘I gotta keep it a secret still.’ Now everyone knows and the stress and the relief is off my shoulders.

The Columbian: How do you decide who to tell and who not to tell?

LV: I just told my immediate family, like you said. Obviously called all the coaches that offered me and recruited me in a sign of respect, because they had a belief in me that some people didn’t across the nation. Just kind of told my immediate family, told a couple of friends to keep it on the down low and I had this plan to announce it in front of my peers and my school as a sign of respect, paying back my dues and letting everyone see it.

Andy Buhler

Andy Buhler

Columbian Staff Writer

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