Top-5 rushers in Clark County after week 4

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1. Tyler Flanagan, Woodland: 88 carries, 706 yards, 11 TDs:
Had 15 carries for 229 yards and four rushing touchdowns in a blowout week 4 win over R.A. Long.

2. Hunter Abrams, Ridgefield: 90 carries, 603 yards, 6 TDs:
Took 22 attempts for the Spudders junior to gain 169 yards and one touchdown in a week 4 loss to Mark Morris.

3. Eli Vaa-Leiataua, Evergreen: 71 carries, 598 yards, 6 TDs:
Picked up 161 yards and three touchdowns, including a 41-yard dash on the third play of the game, on 19 carries in the Plainsmen’s week 4 win over Rochester.

4. Trenton Howard, Columbia-White Salmon: 69 carries, 476 yardsm 4 TDs:
Had 18 carries for 113 yards and a touchdown in White Salmon’s week 4 loss to Hoquiam.

5. Gage Koenders, King’s Way Christian: 93 carries, 411 yards, 4 TDs:
Picked up 118 yards and two touchdowns on 15 carries in the Knights’ week 4 win over Riverside (Ore.).

Rankings determined by yardage. All figures came from The Columbian’s high school football stat database, which can be found here.

Andy Buhler

Andy Buhler

Columbian Staff Writer

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