4A GSHL football tiebreaker info

It is very possible — some would even say it is likely — that there will be a three-way tie for second place in the Class 4A Greater St. Helens League.
Camas has already clinched the league title and top seed.
Then there is Battle Ground, locked in at 4-2 after completing its league schedule in Week 8.
Mountain View and Skyview, meanwhile, are 3-2, both hoping to get to 4-2.
Mountain View takes on Evergreen (1-4) in Week 9. Skyview will play Union (2-3). So … if both Mountain View and Skyview win, there will be a three-way tie for second place. Only two of those teams will make the playoffs. There is no head-to-head advantage to break the tie. All three lost to Camas, and Skyview beat Battle Ground, Battle Ground beat Mountain View, and Mountain View beat Skyview.
This scenario would lead to a three-way tiebreaker, scheduled for Monday, Nov. 2 at Doc Harris Stadium in Camas — a neutral site.
A draw will determine the order of competition in a series of Kansas Plan overtime sessions.
Let’s say Team A plays Team B in the first game, while Team C waits.
The winner of the first game, we’ll say Team A, will then play Team C.
If the winner of the first game, Team A, then beats Team C, Team A will get the No. 2 seed. Then Team C will turn around and play Team B for the No. 3 seed. (In this scenario, both Team C and Team B are 0-1.)
However, if the winner of the first game, Team A, then loses to Team C, the tiebreaker will be complete. Team C will be the No. 2 seed, and Team A will be the No. 3. (Because if this happens, Team A will have already topped Team B in the first game. Follow?)
So yes, there is an advantage to getting the first-round bye through the draw.

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