Getting ready for wrestling’s big night

I have been doing a little research on last year’s Clark County Wrestling Championships, looking forward to this year’s event, scheduled for Jan. 16 and 17 at Prairie High School.

We have eight returning boys champions. There are four confirmed girls winners from last year who are wrestling this year, maybe a few more. (Still trying to confirm.)

The Columbian is hoping to interview all winners this year. The plan (and the plan is tentative so nothing guaranteed) is to send two reporters to the finals on Jan. 17. One will report on the boys tournament, the other will report on the girls tournament. And we hope to get a quote from every winner.

Now, not every quote will be used in the story for the next day’s paper and the online article. But we hope to use at least a comment from every winner, either in the main article or on The Columbian’s high school sports blog.

The Clark County Wrestling Championships have always been a highlight of the winter sports calendar.

We love the fact that classifications are pointless.

Small schools.

Big schools.

Medium schools.

Doesn’t matter.

Just wrestle.


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