Columbia River football scrimmage looked amazing

River photo

Caught you with that headline, didn’t I?

Well, Columbia River just might have an amazing football team this year, one that could go on a long November playoff run. Time will tell.

The headline refers to my point of view. Because from my POV, everything looked amazing. That is because I had a point of view that most people do not get to see. It was scrimmage day when I visited the Chieftains last week. And for a few plays, I was allowed to stand right behind the quarterback.

If I were 20 feet taller, I would have felt like a Sky Cam used at most televised pro and college football games.

So maybe it wasn’t the perfect angle, but it was close enough. Thanks to the Columbia River coaches for allowing me that access. It is a quite the perspective.

Oh, and while I was there, I did see quarterback Gabe Evenson step into the pocket and throw a 35-yard bomb right into the hands of his receiver for a touchdown. I am too short to see over the linemen, so I did not catch the number of the player who caught the ball. It was probably Holden Fielding, because, well, because he’s Holden Fielding.

Thanks Chieftains for the great view.


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