Fun distractions at Skyview football practice

The Skyview Storm are getting ready for the 2014 football season, but that does not mean it has to be all football, all the time.

Last week, the Storm had a few fun distractions during on of their morning practices.

Skyview coach Steve Kizer blew his whistle and called all the players in for an impromptu huddle. At the time, the players were split into their offensive position groups, scattered all over the practice field.

That whistle signaled some sort of break.

Just then, a group of athletes from another sport walked over to the football field. High school girls soccer players were coaching a camp for younger soccer players. And the younger girls wanted to serenade the football players.

Kizer, the big softy, said OK.

So the girls sang “Let it Go” from Frozen. Perhaps you’ve heard of that song. It got a little play time in the last year or so.

Anyway, not sure if there was a hidden message in this song. Let it go? Maybe Skyview needs to let last season go? The Storm want to do a little better than third place in the Class 4A Greater St. Helens League.

The whole thing took a minute, maybe two, then it was back to practice.

Or was it practice?

Found out later that Kizer allowed the singing soccer players to do their thing during the offense’s time.

“You missed practice,” Kizer said with a laugh. “Defense is over!”

Anyway, during the last hour of drills for the offense, some players were anticipating the end of practice so they could get their coaches.

A few of the Skyview coaches had to do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

And then this happened:



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