Heritage football goes a little Bull Durham on us

I spent about 45 minutes watching Heritage’s first football practice of the season on Wednesday.

New head coach Chuck Hawthorne has some old-school toughness to him. He was not afraid to use his voice to get his point across to his players.

He also made me smile when he used the term “lollygagging.”

After practice, I thanked him. I appreciate anyone using lollygagging. Just a funny word.

“You want old terms? You got them here,” said Hawthorne, who is a head coach for the first time since he resigned from Mountain View in 1989.

Yes, 1989.

Which means he was a head coach when the movie Bull Durham debuted in 1988, with this classic scene:

What’s that makes us?


To be fair, Hawthorne was explaining to his players that they cannot be lollygaggers if they want to improve. They must always be focused on the practice field. They must always try to get something out of every moment on the practice field.

That’s a strong message, funny word or not.




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