Bonus Q&A with All-Region tennis players of the year

As part of their All-Region athlete of the year interviews (which occurred on separate days), Dominik Gorecki of Columbia River and Sammi Hampton of Skyview were both asked the same “Rapid Fire” questions about tennis and school. Here were their responses:

Q: If you were given a wild card to any tournament, which would you want to play?

Dominik Gorecki: “French Open, because I’ve never played on clay before. I really like it. I think Rafael Nadal is a really good player and just to see players slide. I think that’s really cool.”

Sammi Hampton: “Wimbledon. That would be so cool. I’ve always loved grass courts because it’s fast. (She added she’s never played on a grass court, “but it sounds cool.”) I may not be good at it, but that would be fun.”

Q: What would be your “walk-out” music when taking the court?

Dominik Gorecki: “When I walk out on the court I try to usually listen to pump-up music to get motivated for my match. ‘Remember the Name.’ I really like that song. It just pumps me up.”

Sammi Hampton: “Oh! Probably ‘Eye of the Tiger’ because (Skyview coach Jay) Gowan says that’s my song.”

Q: Would you challenge a call, even if you knew the outcome would still mean you lost, just to stay on Center Court for one more minute?

Dominik Gorecki: “Yeah. Especially if I’m a wild card, there’s not a huge chance I’d be out on center court. Every minute counts.”

Sammi Hampton: “That would be funny. I probably would. … I actually don’t know. Maybe I wouldn’t because I would be embarrassed.”

Q: If you could call up anyone to hit with, who would it be?

Dominik Gorecki: “Probably Andre Agassi. Because I think Rafael Nadal’s ball would be too tough on me. I really like Agassi and his style of play.”

Sammi Hampton: “Probably Roger Federer. I like him. He seems like a fun guy to be around.”

Q: What’s your favorite subject in school?

Dominik Gorecki: “I really like math and science.”

Sammi Hampton: “I like math, which is crazy.”

Q: If you couldn’t play tennis, what other sport would you play?

Dominik Gorecki: “I’d probably play soccer. I’ve played it a lot and it’s a lot of fun. I really like the team atmosphere.”

Sammi Hampton: (Groans) “Either … maybe softball or basketball. I can’t pick.”

Q: What’s your favorite non-tennis thing to do?

Dominik Gorecki: “I listen to a lot of music. I like playing basketball with friends even though I’m not the best. Or soccer pick-up games.”

Sammi Hampton: “I like baking.”

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