Tweet costs MVP his MVP award

Apparently, folks in New Hampshire do not like it when their high school basketball stars tell opponents to go have sexual relations with themselves.

You get the drift.

Of course, that sort of behavior probably would not fly in any of the other 50 states, as well.

Word of advice to athletes: After winning a state championship, do not go on Twitter to belittle your opponent with vulgar language. It does not end well.

Some dude from a New Hampshire high school was named his division’s state player of the year. His team then won the state championship. Then the player of the year went to Twitter and blasted the opponent. After the tweet heard ’round Hampshire, the coaches association stripped the player of that Mr. Basketball title.

Anyway, Bleacher Report has the story and the infamous Tweet.

Not to name any names, but I have seen some tweets from local athletes similar to this one in a previous school year. Not as bad, but similar.

Be careful out there.

More importantly, be respectful out there.

If you hate your opponent so much, well, something probably went wrong in the your sports upbringing. Regardless, you should not put that hate out there on social media.


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