New Uni Watch: Evergreen, Heritage baseball

Got the chance to see a couple baseball teams this week. Watched Evergreen win its opener against Hudson’s Bay on Tuesday. Then interviewed some players from Heritage for an upcoming feature on the Timberwolves.

Both teams look good. Especially in their new uniforms.

Jared Price modeled Evergreen’s new look. I love the E. Yes, it looks like a trident on its side. Yes, we are aware that Plainsmen are not known to have used a lot of tridents in their time. But it looks good, so that’s enough for me.


I was lucky to pick a “Picture Day” at a Heritage practice to see that program’s new uniforms.

Sophomore Jarod Luedecker took a moment to pose for my handy cell phone camera. The look is cool, but I really thought the 4A GSHL patch on the shoulder was an extra touch of class.




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