My favorite Washougal little big play of the night

Note: My continuing series of notes, trying to pick an interesting play from a basketball game that was not necessarily a game-deciding play.

Guthrie for thrie!!!!!!: As you know, Washougal had never walked off the court in a boys basketball game against Mark Morris as a winner. Through the years, Mark Morris had won all 40 meetings going into Thursday’s game.

Before the game, I asked a question on twitter. Will this be the night Washougal beats Mark Morris?

Immediately, one of my followers, and someone who is not a fan of Washougal, answered. No, he said.

Well, then. Guess that settles it.

Mark Morris opened the game with an 8-2 lead. Washougal called a timeout, calmed things down, and then got right back in the game. The Panthers, in fact, had five turnovers in the first quarter, just six the rest of the game.

But it was in the second quarter that I saw a rather simple play that got me thinking. Hey, maybe this is Washougal’s night.

Washougal post Aaron Deister had the ball inside, but the defense around him was solid. Instead of forcing a tough shot, he spotted Sean Guthrie outside the arc. Guthrie buried the 3-pointer, giving Washougal a 19-18 lead. It was Washougal’s first lead of the night.

It turned out, there were several more lead changes. This particular shot by Guthrie did not win or lose the game.

But it sure got me thinking that, yes, this really could be the night. Washougal withstood that early Mark Morris spurt. The Panthers were not only back in the game, but had just taken a lead. They weren’t going anywhere.

The players told their coach they believed they could win this game. I started believing after Deister passed the ball to Guthrie, who drained that 3-pointer.

An hour or so later, Washougal had its first victory over Mark Morris in 41 tries.

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