More notes about Mandy Lathim

I was able to get to know a special young woman by spending some time with the Mountain View gymnastics team last week. I wrote how the team was dedicating its season in memory of Mandy Lathim, the team captain last season who died in a car crash in July.

Here are a few more quotes that I did not use in the story.

An incredible person, Mandy is missed.

“The things she did were very inspiring. Not just in the gym but also outside of the gym. She did a lot of things that were helpful to everyone.” — Jenny Robles, sophomore.

“She always had a smile on her face. She always wanted people to see how much fun she was having. I loved watching the faces she made in her routines. On floor, her tongue, it was always hanging out.” — Heather Klug, or as Mandy called her, “Baby Klugie,” sophomore.

“She was always positive about everything. When she would pump me up for a floor routine, she was the one who got my adrenaline going. Just rooting me on would make me enthusiastic to (learn) a new skill.” — Hannah “Hugo” Johnston, junior.

While Mandy would inspire her teammates with her encouraging words, she also was not “too big” to ask for help. Last season, she turned to then-freshman Kaitlyn Nagy for assistance.

“I loved that she came to me and trusted me to help her,” Nagy said.

All who I spoke to said Mandy treated everyone with respect.

Thank you, Mountain View gymnasts, for sharing her story with me.

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