My favorite Mountain View little big play tonight

Note: Starting tonight, I’m going to try to find a play or a moment from each basketball game I attend and make a note of it here. For the most part, I want these to be interesting plays but not necessarily the game-deciding plays. After all, those would be in my game story.

Block, assist, timeout: Mountain View post Shane McCauley does not have to score a lot to make a big impact for his team. In Friday’s game against Hudson’s Bay, he blocked three shots in the first half. He also ended up with 10 rebounds for the game.

My favorite Mountain View “little big” play from this game came after one of McCauley’s block. First, he got the block, then sprinted to the other end of the court, where he jumped to catch a high pass.

After making the block that started this offensive possession, then getting fed the ball down low, McCauley could have decided to take it to the rim. After all, he earned it, right?

Instead, with the Bay defense collapsing on him, McCauley made a quick pass to Akash Sanghera, who swished a 3-pointer, giving Mountain View a 13-4 lead. That came in the middle of a 13-2 run in the first quarter.

McCauley got a block and then an assist, and Hudson’s Bay called a timeout to try to regroup.

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