My favorite Hudson’s Bay little big play of the night

Note: Starting tonight, I’m going to try to find a play or a moment from each basketball game I attend and make a note of it here. For the most part, I want these to be interesting plays but not necessarily the game-deciding plays. After all, those would be in my game story.

Could this be the start of something? Mountain View had an 11-point lead over Hudson’s Bay at the half. The Thunder quickly pushed the lead to 17 at 34-17 with 5:35 left in the third quarter.

Bay, though, got the next three field goals to get a little life. Still, if you were watching this game, at this point, you would never have figured Bay was going to really make this a contest.

The Eagles kept fighting, though. T.J. Brumfield made a shot with 3:46 left to make it a 12-point game at 36-24. Less than 30 seconds later, he took a shot to try to get it to a 10-point deficit.

My favorite “little big” play from Hudson’s Bay came after Brumfield’s shot hit off the rim. Bryan Hopster got in the lane and won a physical battle for an offensive rebound, giving the Eagles a second opportunity.

Later in the possession, Hopster found himself being double-teamed. He split the double, then passed the ball to Ayrrius Presley, who drained a 3-pointer — his first shot of the game, by the way. That made it 36-27 with 3:03 left in the quarter.

Neither team scored the rest of the period, but Bay was back in it. Hopster’s rebound and assist to Presley’s 3-pointer made you believe a comeback was possible.

Mountain View would eventually win by one point, but Bay’s never-quit attitude made the fourth quarter fun. It all started with that little big play.

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